The History on the House

The former Wilson House was constructed in 1909 by Richard Milner Wilson, a pioneer homesteader in the Marringhurst district, who arrived with his parents and siblings in 1879 from Mitchell, Ontario.

Richard Wilson became a successful farmer, active local politician and a leader in the formation of the Grain Growers Association in Manitoba. The house is a variation on the "four-square" design commonly featured in pattern books from 1885 to 1940. Commodious in size, this two and-a-half storey red brick house is set on a stone foundation. Rows of alternating coloured shingles decorate the three dormers and rear gable.

Community Driven

Volunteers from the local community of Marringhurst have organized various fundraisers to aid in keeping the house operational. Fundraisers have included: tours, fashion shows, catering, and lunches.

We greatly appreciate any donations towards the house or our endowment fund. Please feel free to contact us for any event or fundraising ideas.

We would like to thank anyone who has volunteered or donated to our historic society.